Welcome to HowGrowWeed.com! We created this free beginner guide to help our friends and growing online community (you?) lean how to grow weed indoors. Like us on FacebookFollow us on Insta  and subscribe on YouTube for the latest content.

  • Our step-by-step guide walks the beginner level grower through a small 2 grow tent setup, selecting/purchasing cannabis seeds, basics of getting your plants to flower some nice buds, and the drying/curing process.
    2 tent setup example
  • There are many fun details to growing which can quickly get overwhelming, but the truth is that the basics are actually pretty easy; weed plants are very resilient and can handle most beginner mistakes.
  • Once you get rolling you should be able to produce 5 to 10 ounces every 2.5 months or so, depending on which strain you choose. Adding an extra tent will double that amount if needed and will be discussed at the very end along with other options in continuing your grow journey, we highly recommend diving down the rabbit hole.
  • We regard Marijuana as a powerful medicine; it can be an alternative to pain killers, anxiety alleviant, a nudge toward peace, a fresh perspective, a non-lethal alcohol alternative… Growing this medicine is very healing in itself and we highly recommend it for mid-life crises :). Your most likely going to produce more than you need, share the magic with your friends and community, one love. These are the magical trichomes on flowering buds when magnified:
    Trichomes on Super Sour Diesel after 67 DaysMature weed blower buds
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* Check the legality of growing weed in your area. The smells can be pungent and even the best filters are not 100% effective.

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