5. Veg Plant

This section outlines the steps needed to grow your vegging weed plant. The main thing to remember here is that you will you configure your timer for at least 18 hours of light per day, otherwise your plant can start flowering which we don’t want until it gets bigger.

A. Transplant nursery bag to 1g grow bag

After a few weeks in the nursery bag your plant should be big enough to transfer to a bigger grow bag.  We like to wait until roots are visible before starting the transfer process.

B. Light, Water and feed your 1g veg plant

 Your veg plants need at least 18hrs of light to stay in the veg state.  Water your plant when it has fully dried out, the grow bag will feel very lite. Feed them the grow big fertilizer every other feeding at 10ml per gallon.

C. Top your 1g plant

When your plant gets a little bigger we recommend cutting off the top part of the plant to promote horizontal growth which will lead to more bud points. This cutting can be used to create your first clone.

D. Cloning your plant(s)

After you top your plant you can create a clone from it.  You can also create clones by cutting off any branches that you don’t think will get big enough to get light, once your plant is big.