3. Get Seeds

This section is about selecting the strain of weed you want to grow and ordering your first seeds online, how exciting.  I would recommend doing this as one of the earlier steps as seeds can sometimes take a long time to arrive in the mail.

  1. Is it legal to order seeds online? – I would check legality in your area but seeds are widely available online and are shipped in the mail; if it is legal to grow in your area then you should be safe buying online, that is how we get all our seeds.
  2. Type of seed – The main thing to keep in mind for this tutorial is that you want to buy feminized seeds; this is a seed that is female and it will stay in the veg state with 18+ hours light and start the flowering phase with 12 hours of light; this gives us the control we want for growing indoors. 
  3. Which strain should I pick? –  If you have a favorite strain then chances are good you would be able to find a seed for it online. If you are a novice cannabis user then make sure to read the effects provided on the seller websites and leafly.com of each strain carefully; in general sativa dominant strains are more energetic and indica strains are more mellow (in da couch), there are also high CBD strains that are good for inflammation.
  4. Where should I buy? – https://www.growerschoiceseeds.com/ is one good and dependable source that has worked well for us, they have a lot of good sales too. https://www.pacificseedbank.com/ is also decent and has a good selection, although we have had a few bad experiences with their feminized seeds not sprouting or flowering spontaneously.  If these don’t have the strain your looking for you can also try a google search with the strain name like this “Your_Strain_Name weed seed buy”.
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