2. Build Grow Space

Lets build the grow space for our plants.

  • Build 1.0.0 (one 32″x32″ grow tent for vegging connected to one 2’x4′ grow tent for flowering) is our recommended build for beginners that are positive they plan to grow weed.
  • Below is the full step-by-step guide for Build 1.0.0 and the comprohensize amazon shopping list, 
  • You can find a couple of alternate builds based off of Build 1.0.0 at the bottom of this page; we recommend Build 0.5.0 if you want the lowest investment to try your hand at growing.

Build 1.0.0 Steps

1. Find a location for your tents – Put your tents in a room that does not get too hot, or you will need to buy an ac (This is the ac i use).  For this base tutorial we will assume you are growing indoors with a standard room temperature room (50-80 F); issues can come up if the room gets too warm(85F+).

2. Assemble your tents – Put your flower and veg tents together.

3. Follow the step-by-step tutorial –  Place the tents in your chosen location, hang the lights, hang the 2 inline fans, add circulation fans to the tents, and plug it all in.

Once the plants are in your tents everything will run 24 hours except for the lights that will run on timers.  The Flower Tent light will run for 12 hours a day, any more and the flowering cycle will be disrupted. The Veg tent will run 18 hours a day, a little extra light will not disrupt the vegging process.

4. Configure mechanical timer –  Configure your timer; we will start with 18 hours of light for the veg state and switch to 12 hours of light when we are ready to start flowering.

Build 1.0.0 Parts and Tools 

  1. 4×2 Grow Tent
  2. 32″x32″x63″ Grow Tent
  3. MARS HYDRO Grow Light
  4. FECiDA Dimmable LED Grow Light
  5. Inline Duct Ventilation Fan
  6. Inline Duct Ventilation Fan
  7. 4 inch Carbon Filter
  8. Aluminum Ducting – You will cut three pieces for this as per video.
  9. Vornado Flippi V8 Personal Oscillating Air Circulator Fan
  10.  Hurricane Classic 6 Inch Clip Fan
  11. 2 Mechanical Outlet timers
  12. 6-Foot 3-Prong Extension Cord – This 3-prong extension cord is better than the 3-prong adapter and standard extension cord shown in the video.
  13. 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power
  14. 1/8 in Paracord – You can use a different company just make sure it is 1/8 since that’s easiest to work with.
  15. Philips head screw driver or drill
  16. Wire cutter (optional) – You can probably get away with using some good scissors to cut through the duct wire.
  17. Box cutter (optional) – You should be able to use scissors for this instead.
  18. Aluminum tape – You can just use standard duct tape here but I like this one.
  19. Tape measurer (optional) – This is to measure the proposed lengths of paracord and duct.

Alternate Builds

Here are a couple of alternate builds based of off 1.0.0.  Make sure to watch 1.0.0 first since the others play off of this one and don’t have any step-by-step details.

  1. Build 0.5.0 – 1 grow tent implementation of Build 1.0.0 above.  Good if you don’t have space for 2 tents and don’t plan to take clones of your plants. Or if you are super unsure about growing and want to start with the cheapest route.
  2. Build 1.5.0 –  is a separated 2 grow tent implementation of the recommended 1.0.0 build. Good if you want to keep your tents in separate rooms or different parts of the room.  This is almost as good as 1.0.0.
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