Shopping List

This is the shopping list of everything you will need to build a 2 tent grow space 

  • All of the items needed are available on, prices change a lot on these products so check back a few times if you have the time. Pro tip: We sometimes use this money saving app called honey to track price history and wait for price drops on, check out the price history on the Veg Tent below as an example. You can also create an account that will notify you when there are price drops.
  • Feel free to search for better deals or alternatives elsewhere, I have occasionally found better deals on

  1. Veg Tent (Quantity: 1) – Your smaller plants will live here with 18 hours of light before getting moved over to the bigger flower tent. This 32″ x 32″ tent is more than enough to supply your 4′ x 2′ flowering tent. It can be slightly cheaper since light leaks will not hinder the veg process.
  2. Flower Tent (Quantity: 1) – The flowering plant(s) will live here with 12 hours of light (*Any extra light can stop the flowering process so make sure to check for any light leaking from the tent and dontt cheap out). This 4′ x 2′ can flower one large or 2 medium plants:
  3. Veg Tent Light (Quantity: 1) – This is the veg tent light, it can be a little weaker because plants in the veg state don’t need the strongest light like in the flowering state.
  4. Flower Tent Light (Quantity: 1) – This is the light for the flower tent. You don’t want to cheap out on this one, the main components for a successful grow are good genetics and the light, the brighter the light the bigger/better your buds.
  5. Ventilation fans for grow tents (Quantity: 2) – Ventilation is important for good grow results. Cannabis plants need a lot of Co2 to flourish, especially during the flowering phase. This also helps with airflow which is important for plant health.
  6. Carbon Filter (Quantity: 1) – Connect up with ventilation fans to reduce the odor of that dank chronic.
  7. Ventilation fan ducting (Quantity: 1)– Used to connect up the ventilation fans and filter to your tents.
  8. Fans for airflow (Quantity: 1) – Airflow is important to grow strong stems & roots in veg plants and too keep the plants healthy during flowering.
  9. Oscillating fan for airflow  (Quantity: 1) – This fan is useful for extra airflow in your flowering plant. We also use this oscillating fan when drying our plants after harvest.
  10. Mechanical Outlet timers (Quantity: 1)– These can be used to control your lights to make sure the flowering plants get no more than 12 hours and the veg plants get at least 18 hours of light.
  11. Electrical connections: You need a 3 prong extension cord and power strip to get your lights and fans connected up to your power outlet(s).
  12. 3 Gallon Grow bags (Quantity: 1) – Once your plants get a little bigger you can transfer them to their final destination, the 3 gallon grow bags.
  13. Cocoa (Quantity: 1) – You will mix 60% cocoa with 40% perlite to create the soil for your plants. This mixture is very dependable and great for adding water soluble nutrients to.
  14. Perlite (Quantity: 2)– You will mix 60% cocoa with 40% perlite to create the soil for your plants. This is one item I have learned is cheaper in home improvement stores (the finer perlite works well too)
  15. Nutrients (Quantity: 1)– You will use these to give necessary nutrients to get optimal results from your vegging and flowering plants. Vegging plants get the “Grow Big” formula every other watering. Flowering plants get “Tiger Bloom” and “Big Bloom” every other watering.
  16. Humidity Dome (Quantity: 1)– You can use these along with jiffy pods to easily take start clones from your vegging plants and start new plants. You can also use these to start seeds but it is not my favorite method.
  17. Jiffy Pellets (Quantity: 1)– Use these along with humidity dome to take clones of your vegging plants.
  18. Organic soil (Quantity: 1)– This is our preferred way to start plants from seed. Compared to jiffy pellets it is harder to drown the seeds, which has happened to me a few times, and weed seeds aren’t cheap.
  19. Small Nursery Bags – These are great to start the small plants (from seed or clones) in before transferring to the 3 gallon grow bags. Once the plants grow you can just stick them right into the grow bags without disturbing the young plant.
  20. 16oz plastic cups (Optional, Quantity: 1) – We like to use these to hold the small nursery bags since they don’t stand too well alone, you should only need a few of these as they are reusable for this purpose. You can most likely find these cheaper at your local stores.
  21. Rooting Powder (Quantity: 1) – These help to start clones from your vegging plants. You’ll take a small cutting of your vegging plant, place it in water for a minute, dip it in the rooting powder, place it in your soaked jiffy pellet then into your humidity dome.
  22. Shop Vac (Quantity: 1)– You need a shop vac to soak up the overflow water after watering your plants. Standing water encourages bugs and root rot.
  23. Small Pruning shears (Quantity: 1) – This is useful in taking clones and cutting off extra parts of your plants.
  24. Flower tent trellis netting (Quantity: 1) – This is useful in keeping your flowering plants from getting too tall and helps how level out the tallest stems.
  25. Watering can(s) – Choose watering cans you like for your plants. I like to have one big one for my big plants and a small one for small waterings.


  26. Heating pad (Optional, Quantity: 1) – Place under humidity dome, especially when the tent gets cold in winter, to start clones.
  27. Plant Saucers (Optional, Quantity: 1) – These help keep your tents nice and neat when watering. Your plants are water proof and this one is optional but waterings can get quite messy otherwise.
  28. Hygrometer Thermometer (Optional, Quantity: 1)– These are good for beginners to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity in your grow tents. The wifi version is pricier but you can connect it to your phone and keep track of your temp all day. This can also help you determine if the power went out or something.