Build 0.5.0

Build 0.5.0 is a minimal single grow tent implementation of the recommended 1.0.0 build

  • This is perfect for someone on a low budget and/or if they are unsure that they want to grow marijuana long term.
  • Make sure to go through the 1.0.0 build tutorial to go over the step-by-step build details.

Build 0.5.0 Parts and Tools

  1. CoolGrows 32″x32″x63″ Grow Tent
  2. FECiDA Dimmable LED Grow Light – You can start with one for vegging and I would get another one for flowering, although you could get away with just one for flowering too if you didn’t want to make the investment right away.
  3. VIVOSUN D4 4 Inch 195 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan
  4. Vanleno 4inch Carbon Filter
  5. AC Infinity Flexible 4-Inch Aluminum Ducting – You will cut three pieces for this as per video
  6. Vornado Flippi V8 Personal Oscillating Air Circulator Fan 
  7. 2 Mechanical Outlet timers
  8. 6-Foot 3-Prong Extension Cord – This 3-prong extension cord is better than the 3-prong adapter and standard extension cord shown in the video.
  9. 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power
  10. 1/8 in Paracord – You can use a different company just make sure it is 1/8 since that’s easiest to work with.
  11. Philips head screw driver or drill
  12. Wire cutter (optional) – You can probably get away with using some good scissors to cut through the duct wire.
  13. Box cutter (optional) – You should be able to use scissors for this instead.
  14. Aluminum tape (optional) – You can just use standard duct tape here but I like this one.
  15. Tape measurer (optional) – This is to measure the proposed lengths of paracord and duct.
  16. Hurricane Classic 6 Inch Clip Fan (optional) – This one is most important if your grow tent is in a room that gets warm.

Minimum Seed To Flower Shopping List 

Our friends have been asking, “can’t you just list everything I will need to grow a plant to flower in one place”, so here goes.  These are the minimum supplies we recommend aside from the above list, to be able to get some smokable weed from a seed. So make sure you have everything on these 2 lists on this page or buy it, and you should be good to go.

  1.  Cocoa  – You will mix 60% cocoa with 40% perlite to create the soil for your plants. This mixture is very dependable and great for adding water soluble nutrients to.
  2.  Perlite – You will mix 60% cocoa with 40% perlite to create the soil for your plants. This is one item I have learned is cheaper in home improvement stores (the finer perlite works well too)
  3. Nutrients– You will use these to give necessary nutrients to get optimal results from your vegging and flowering plants. Vegging plants get the “Grow Big” formula every other watering. Flowering plants get “Tiger Bloom” and “Big Bloom” every other watering.
  4.  Organic soil – This is our preferred way to start plants from seed. Compared to jiffy pellets it is harder to drown the seeds, which has happened to me a few times, and weed seeds aren’t cheap.
  5. Small Nursery Bags – These are great to start the small plants (from seed or clones) in before transferring to the 3 gallon grow bags. Once the plants grow you can just stick them right into the grow bags without disturbing the young plant.
  6. 16oz plastic cups – We like to use these to hold the small nursery bags since they don’t stand too well alone, you should only need a few of these as they are reusable for this purpose. You can most likely find these cheaper at your local stores.
  7. 3 gallon grow bags – This is where you will veg/flower your bigger plants.
  8. Shop Vac – You need a shop vac to soak up the overflow water after watering your plants. Standing water encourages bugs and root rot.
  9. Small Pruning shears – This is useful in taking clones and cutting off extra parts of your plants.
  10. Grow Tent Trellis Netting 2×2′ –  This is useful in keeping your flowering plants from getting too tall and helps how level out the tallest stems.
  11. Watering can(s) – Choose watering cans you like for your plants. I like to have one big one for my big plants and a small one for small waterings.