Cloning Your Plants

After you top your plant you can create a clone from it.  You can also create clones by cutting off any branches that you don’t think will get big enough to get light, once your plant is big.

Clone Your Plant – Parts and Tools

Parts and Tools
  1. Jiffy Pellets – Your clones will be started in these.
  2. Humidity Dome – You will place the Jiffy Pellets in here to provide the humidity that will help your clone grow.
  3. Rooting Powder – Helps the clones get roots and grow
  4. Small Pruning shears – Used to cut the clones.
  5. Red Cups – You will place the clones in some water before placing them in the Jiffy.
  6. Heating pad (optional) – These help the clones to take root in cold environments.