4. Start Seed With Presoak

In this section we will walk through our tested method of starting a plant from seed.

  • There are 2 parts we use to start a seed; in Part 1 we will get the seed to start its roots in a small container, then a couple of days late in  Part 2 we will move the seed into a small nursery bag with soil so that it can continue growing.
  • You can find the full video at the bottom.

Start Seed Part 1 – Steps:

  1. Tear off a small piece of paper towel that will fit inside your container and fold it in half.
  2. Place the cannabis seed into the center of your paper tower and fold it a couple of times around the seed.
  3.  Moisten the paper towel/seed with some water then place it inside the small container.
  4. Cover the container with the lid (leave lid unsealed so a little air can still get in).
  5. Wrap the small hand towel around the container to keep the seed dark.
  6. Place your wrapped seed somewhere that gets a little heat. You can use a heating pad if you have one,  the top of a fridge, a laptop, or anywhere that gets a little warm.  The heat will help the seed pop faster.
  7. Check back a couple times a day, keep the paper tower moist, make sure not to soak too much as that can kill the seed.
  8. You should see some roots starting to form in 1-3 days.  At that point you can move on to Part 2 below.

Start Seed Part 1 – Parts and Tools:

Seed Part 1 - Tools
  1. Feminized cannabis seed – Make sure you have a feminized seed or you will have unexpected results farther in this tutorial.
  2. Paper towel – A small piece of paper towel will be wrapped around our seed to keep it most.
  3. Small container with lid – Any small container with lid should work fine, your seed will go inside here and the lid will help to create humidity for the seed.
  4. Small hand towel – This will be wrapped around our small container to keep it dark, which seeds like.
  5. Bottled water (optional) – Will be used to keep the paper towel/seed moist.  You can use tap water for this but this is just an extra precaution since not all tap water is created equal.
  6. Label Maker (optional) – Helps to create labels that can be used through the whole process of tracking a plant.  I will call this one “Blue Dream 1”, in case I take blue dream clones in the future and need to write notes. Click here for an example.

Start Seed Part 2 – Steps:

  1. Check the seed in your small container with lid and make sure your are seeing a small root pop out.  Its best to catch this root early so that it doesn’t get too big before the transfer as that increases the chance of damage.
  2. Prepare your 60/40 cocoa perlite mix then use the spoon to fill the bottom half of the small nursery bag with it.   YouTube: Mix Cocoa and Perlite (60/40 Cocoa/Perlite Mix)
  3. Fill the top half of the nursery bag with the presoaked organic soil(mix up to 20% perlite for extra drainage if desired).  Leave 1/4 inch or so at the top to help with watering later. Push it down to be a little tight.
  4. Make a hole about 1/4″ deep with a pen in the center of the organic soul and gently place your rooting seed in the hole. Gently push the soil over the seed and cover the hole.
  5. Take some of the bottled water lightly water the top of the organic soil and seed.
  6. Place The nursery bag in a 16oz plastic cup to help it stand and retain a little moisture.
  7. Place your Ziploc bag around the nursery bag and plastic cup to create a higher humidity and to weaken the grow light rays. Close the bag on the sides of the plastic cup.
  8. Transfer over the label from your seed starting container to the plastic cup with nursery bag.
  9. Place everything into your veg tent with 18 hours of light.  A little light leaking is ok here but make sure the plant gets at least 18 hours of light or it can start to flower.  You don’t need a lot of light strength to get seed started and too much can be harmful.  Set your veg light to around 50% and have at least 2 feet away from the plant.
  10. Now keep your soil lightly moist(you can use the rest of your water bottle here then switch to tap water) and watch for the plant to pop out, should take a couple of days to see the first little plant pop. Do not over water, this can drown the seed but having it in a nursery bag helps greatly to reduce that risk.  Add a little water about once a day or so, the Ziploc bag should prevent the plant from drying out too fast.
  11. Once the plant pops you can continue to the next part of this tutorial.

Start Seed Part 2 – Parts and Tools:

Seed Part 2 - Tools
  1. Presoaked Organic soilClick here for an example.  You can mix in up to 20% of perlite for extra drainage. Soak this separately so it is ready for your seed.
  2. 60/40 cocoa/perlite mix – You need to mix your cocoa and perlite.  I would mix at least enough for a 3g grow bag and a small nursery bag. YouTube: Mix Cocoa and Perlite (60/40 Cocoa/Perlite Mix)
  3. Small Nursery Bag – Click here for an example.
  4. 16oz plastic cupClick here for an example.
  5. Seed with small root – Wait till you see a small root popping out of your seed.  The sooner you catch it the better as the chances of damaging it increase if it gets too big.
  6. Small Ziploc bag – A Ziploc bag big enough to cover the nursery bag. Click here for an example.
  7. Spoon – Any household spoon you like will do.
  8. Pen – Any household pen you like will do.
  9. Plant saucer – This will help keep things cleaner as your prepare everything for your seed.
  10. Bottled water – This is an extra precaution when watering your small seed.
  11. Small watering can – Fill this with tap water.

YouTube: Start Weed Seed:

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